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MAVERA EPISODE 09 with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

This is Episode 09 of Mavera: Hace Ahmed Yesevi with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. Come on, friends.1Why are you angryLook, I am also one of youLet me tell you a story-We listened enough of your stories.Who are you? Tell us now!The stories I told was reaWe are tired of your stories.You told everyone a different story.Now, don’t resist and make us kill you.Tell us why you are here.As I said the stories I told was true.I learned a story from every crusader a killed.

And I’ll kill you, too, now.I’ll have more stories.What kind of soldiers you are? You are killing your own men!Do you think you could capture an eagle of Seljuk like this?I’ll tell your story, too.\Ne are also so thirsty, Kara Leyla.What are you going to do us? Are you going to kill us?Do you know the tower of Babylon, Leyla?It is told in the books of the Jews.People made a tower, which was reaching at the sky.They thought they could reach God and saw him.

And God got angry with the impudence of men……and separated all of their language.Men, who couldn’t understand……each other’s languages kept fighting forever.And I both built that tower in Baghdad……and made sure that people couldn’t understand each other’s language.And you are one of the keystones… my Babylon tower.Maybe, you haven’t realized it.But you are so preciousI can’t start all these again…..because of your cheekiness.Therefore, I am not going to kill you.We’ll make an agreement.What? What do you want from me?

You made a mistake and as a price of your mistake……maybe, you won’t die.But you will spend the rest of your life……with obedience without questioning.You’ll return your home right away and you won’t do such a mistake again.If you don’t accept my generous offer……we both know what is going to happen.Okay. I agree!At least you’ve learned what will happen…you do such a thing again.Meryem!Are you okay, daughter? Are you okay?Here, my son.Eat, my lion. Eat!What is this?-Urungu.Yes, Pehlivan Master.

Who put this here? Did you see?I didn’t see it, master.It wasn’t there last night.Allah Allah… What is this? I hope it doesn’t mean something bad.What is up, master? What is up?Leyla Hatun was weaving it last night.Oh!I thought she was doing this for Meryem.Master, are you joking me or, you don’t really understand?Come on, sister! Leave me alone!I was going to teach riding horse to the girl.I guess she put it there for her.I am sure it was for her!Come on, you call that Hatun. Make sure she brings Meryem.We need to set out before it gets late.

Okay, I’ll check them out.Pehlivan Master.Leyla Hatun and Meryem are not here. Obviously, they’ve gone.Now, Mahbube will take you to the room. I have some business.But you will behave.And keep quiet.Most importantly, you won’t be afraid, okay?am not afraid, dear afraid of nothing, when I am with you.My smart daughter, well done!We were socomfortable in the tribe.Everyone was so good to us.I had even friends there.When are we going to return there?I was going to ride the horse.

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