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MAVERA EPISODE 10 with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

This is Episode 10 of Mavera: Hace Ahmed Yesevi with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. How are you Can?You look sluggish today.May it be easy, Pehlivan Master.Eyvallah, eyvallah, Hace. Thank you.I cooking for the students in the madrasah.So, you know. Our job is easy. Yours is hard.May Allah make it easy and manageable for you.We are cooking for hungry people, and you open the closed eyes.Tarik Master.He prays for you day and night as much as he can.For y u opened his child’s eyes.He’s so kind.Master.The apparent things are easy.We read the books of masters and practice it.What is hard is the internal things.You look and see that he has eyes.

He sees everywhereBut the eye of his heart is closed.You think you could open the eye of his heart. You put effort for it.You find its lock.You find its key.You put the key and turn it.And see it is rusty.So, you say even Sahsuvar couldn’t open it.Exactly.By the way……what about the lock on Sahsuvar’s heart?Look H ace.I tell what I learned from Arslanbab……a d get from Pir Hemedani……an the things you taught me.The rest is up to nature.May Allah keep our hearts away from blindness, Master.Ameen. Ameen, Hace.Think about it.You are called Hace.And people start to follow you.And then, all of them will see that……we are all lost.

Why? Because the eyes of the guide don’t work.Then, even if you cry your eyes out……you can’t pay the price.You are right, Hace.We are in the end of time.There many who are lost, but not much, who shed tears in remorse.Every era has an age of gold…..and an age reach s the end of time.We are the ones, who lead it and make the time precious.As you know, Allah swears by time in Quran.He says we are certainly wrong.What did I say about…..the Sheykhs, Haces followers, Mursids …who depicts time as the end of time instead of……the age of gold……do you remember that?Whatever I say they become angry.They walk on t w ong way without even realizing it.They stand up wi face in the judgment day…..and they are doomed to walk in remorse.

Oh, believers. Let me utter the words of that Sheykh……but you should understand its meaning.The followers carries his sins in the judgment day.And starts to tremble when they are about to reach Al Sirat.Such a Sheykh is not even a fool…..but someone trying to be a Sheykh with his blind eyes.Peace be on you, my Hodja.see you didn’t sleep.Please, don’t think about this issue this much anymore.Look, we still have the lodge.

Let Hace say whatever he wants to say around.None of them can be effective as the things told under this roof.And could we keep the ones in the lodge, Faris?And Hace came a nd said his words.In fact, he hit us in the face with the back of his sword.Could we do anything, FaI’ve been defeated by Hace.You lost in the fight.It is true.Yet, a man living in the plains with clothing like a gangster……can’t benefit with his victory that he gained in the fight……against such a Dervish like you.The ones in the lodge will also understand that H ace is not suitable to be a Dervish.Pir Yusuf Hemedani will also understand.Both Hemedani and the ones in lodge will understand nothing!

I can’t be defeated, do you understand, Faris?I am not someone that^tan be defeated……with a slap and some meaningless words.-My Hodj a.-I’ll beat Haje.I won’t let him get away with this, of course.I need to find him.My Hodja. Don’t speak rashly, please.\Ne are in the lodge.I know well what I am talking about, Faris.This lodge might be the lodge of Hemedani.But we’ve been serving him for years.If there is a right to take, that right is mine to take.No one else could do itThe ones in the lodge will understand it in time, of course.In time…Of course, my Hodja.It will happen however you say.Sir, I bother you, but I need to tell you something.Tell me, what is it?Sir, Asife Hanim Sultan got two people into the palace.For her personal protection.I haven’t seen one of them before.He is a biondish man.Yet, I know the other one. He is Mahmut, who is with Hace.So, Hace is even able to reach this close to us.\Ne shouldn’t let them be here.We need to dismiss them from the palace as soon as possible.I didn’t do it without consulting you.No, Feht.

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