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MAVERA EPISODE 11 with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

This is Episode 11 of Mavera: Hace Ahmed Yesevi with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. This way.You got it, Pehlivan Master!You got it, Pehlivan Master!You got it!This one is mine, Saltuk.Stop!My Mahmut.My brothDamn it. Damn it all!There no man fighting nobly in Baghdad.Brother, don’t let go.Don’t let go, Mahmut.Hold on, hold on, Mahmut.Are you thirsty, dear?Meryem! Meryem!Thank Allah.Did it hurt too much, brother?When the arrowhead pierces you breast… really hurts not important.we strangers, Mahmut?No one are strangers in this tribe.Kutluk Father, Hace, Mansur, Pehlivan Master…None of us are strangersWhat do you mean? I understand none of your words.ueaui…you don’t need to show your bravery to us.None of us are strangersWhen it hurts…we scream and groanYou can also scream and groan, Mahmut.Don’t be ashamed.When I took the arrow, you screamed as if you were my fiance!If you went after him…we would have him nowBut we missed him because of you.You are not embarrassed and still kidding me!What are you looking at?A least, I took the arrow while fighting with our enemies.

And youYou took an horn blow by the bull!Bull fighter! Huh!Everyone could be inexperienced, Mahmut.You took an arrow that you shouldn’t have……and I took the horn blow that I shouldn’t have.Estagfurallah.But both of us learned our lesson.Didn’t we Pehlivan, Usta?He is far away from having a sword sharper than you.But he is more better than you in sharpness of the tongue, Mahmut.He is, he is.Thank you, Kutluk.He needs to rest a while.By your leaveThe death of Feth is no good at all.Just as we were close to find the traitor.The killer ran away, too.May Allah help us.Ameen.Father, what happened?It was an arrow wound on Mahmut’s body.I realized itj, even though I saw it from distance.What evil found them again?If you look how they are, and how they smile… can think that they went to hunt and an accident happened.They are talking about a traitor.They told me nothing.And I didn’t ask any further because, it was against our law.Do they always struggle with such disasters?They say the high mountains are always misty, daughter.

Being ready for the trouble is a necessity of bravery.Tffiey i crease the precautions at the hard to enter and leave.We need to go back now.This Chinese powder is not going to blow up.-We are going to be prey here.-No, it is too late now.For it didn’t finished until morning there must have been a problem.So? What do we do, then, Sedat?we going to wait idle here?We will wait.We will escape here somehow in the darkness of the night.Allah bestowed us the chance of getting rid of disaster that was ready to ruin Baghdad.But we must be thankful, of course.But the treachery is still everywhere.\Ne need to guess what they will do beforehand……and we need to take action, before they do.It is obvious what they are going to do.What is going onYou saw it in yourdream last night?

You think you let us sleep last night, Mahmut?Because of your groaning, I couldn’t sleep.HaceGuards must have found the body of Feht.And Atif must have realized that the gunpowder did not know……the people that he is going to accuse are obvious.One of them is Feht.Since he is dead, there is no partnership left.He wants to put the blame on him.After we found Commander Feht’s body, we started an investigation.Guards patrolling the palace found this wall.

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