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MAVERA EPISODE 18 with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

This is Episode 18 of Mavera: Hace Ahmed Yesevi with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. My Pir.I wish you rode your horse.I m sorry to see you are on foot.Ahmet CanYou look at me and feel sorry for me, And I look at my horse and feel sorry for him.He’s been putting up with me since Hemedan.Let me put I with him even just a drop.I wish you didn’t trouble yourself to came Baghdad, Because you won’t find a Baghdad, which is worthy of your supreme interest.I had also a great fault in this.Mansur Can.Are you still writing the stories you heard fin your black notebook?-I am, my Pir. -Oh, MashAllah.

Then, let’s go to a shadow of a tree…, 1 oan tell you a new story.Greetings, Tarik master.Welcome, my friend.Come, have a sit.I’ll drop by later, master.Wait a second, wait.Behram. let me show this to you later.Okay, okay, master. I need to go back to work anyway.-May itjfeaeasy. Have a nice day.-Thank you.Hace’s shop is closed.Actually, I Wanted to drop by there.Don’t you know it, friend? Hace is gone.Where, master?Actually no one knows but…..Mahmut guesses he goes back to the lands he was borne.By the way, Mahmut and Pehlivan master was in Sazlik.I guess that’s why they couldn’t open the shop.What were they doing in Sazlik?Mervan’s men from Hemedani Lodge, destroyed Sazlik.And they wanted to help. They repaired everywhere.

Even though they look tough, actually, they are like angels.Thank you, my friend. I need to go now.My friend.Why are you asking for Hace? Is there a problem?No, no. There is nothing important.I haven’t been here for a long time. I just wanted to say hello.Take care of yourself.Start, Mansur Can.One day, I had a trouble in my heart in the iBdge.I started to recite insirah surah immediately.I recited it many times.Yet, the trouble in y heart didn’t disappear.Then, I say tevbe-i istigfar.By prolonging the end, Astagfirullah……Astagfirullah……Astagfirullah, I said.It didn’t work. The trouble was still there.I understood that…..the source of this trouble was not my own heart.There was something, who waited far my arrival and needed my existence.I mounted my steed and set out.He went a long way.So, as you can see, I made a long road with my steed.

Then, he brought me in front of an old masjid.I dismounted and entered the masjid.I saw there was a poor young man sitting at the corner.I approached him and understood that he was from our ikhwan, he was from our brotherhood.He saw me. His face was enlightened.After the prayer he said that “my Pir……I had a trouble, I had a suspicion in my Heart.Help me and share your wisdom so I can get rid of this trouble.** I said AstagfirullSh.How can someone, who needed help, could help the others?Yet, I tried to help him in a p op anguage.Wtlilte I…if you have a t< uble agai your heart, you come to the lodge,…..don’t make us travel like this again.

Ahmet Can.You have also sj trouble in your hbdrt.If I didn’t come to Baghdad from Hemedan to help you for your trouble……I wouldn’t have a breathe in peace in speechless.My heart is in pain.You know all the things……I told and didn’t told you, Allah knows best….your friends who set out on our path, lost their path and you couldn’t stop them.Look, Ahmet Can.Our path is the path of truth. It is always true.But our path is not al sirat that Allah created.Just because they got away from our path……we can’t consider them that they are doomed to go hell.Maybe, the ones who get away from our path……tomorrow, we’ll come back in a short time.Maybe, the one, who is on our path……tomorrow, he’ll be lost in heresy, Allah forbid.Ahmet Can, we can’t know the end.

This is the first thing.The only one able to make people find the truth is……was not even our Prophet PBUH Great Allah, in His Qoran……”Only I can make people find the truth, and the right path” he said.There, brothers, the duty that falls upon us is… show the right path……to the people around us.For them to find the truth……we need to be a good example for them.And that’s two.Come on now, the time has come.This tree has acted gdne ouSly, and cooled us with its shadow.So let’s leave the rfiark o our praying on its soil that……it can also benefit^roFn the pros 4 ^hhtl goodness of?.□oo®C0(7Come on, in the name of Allah.

You always come somewhere distant like this and cry.But that’s not how if should be.What tio you mean, mother?A lover thiriks others are as blind and deaf as herself.¥<ou think that wljbile e in pain…others do not feel that.But while your heart is pierced……ours are pierced too, daughter.That’s enough.isten to me carefully.You didn’t drown in a river..but in a great oceanKnow that.instead of getting 3ad. be proud.Accept it as the destiny.Thank Allah…..that you managed to get a taste of love.Although youCouldn’t be with him…..there are many people who pass away…..before they get a taste of this blessing.

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