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MAVERA EPISODE 19 with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

This is Episode 19 of Mavera: Hace Ahmed Yesevi with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. altuk brother.You took us into a fight, it’s okay.We took Alamut’s servants down, it’s okay.You tripped us and put our clothes n them, it’s okay.went after that man called Dai and we couldn’t get him. it is also okay but……you made us search for those men \Ne traveled so much. That’s I can’t accept!Th is really makes me sadWhy did you let us suffer from such an agony, brother?They are hiding in a hole.We’ll find it soon or later.Do you think there is a hole that we didn’t check around Baghdad?I am tired. I’ll return to my neighborhood and have some rest.If you have any news, you know where to find me.See you later. Eyvallah.Saltuk brother.Brother.Don’t listen to me.

I am just babbling.I haven’t done such a good job for a long time!How we took those servants down!I am so happy, brother. It was all thanks to you. Thank you, brother.I am going, Mahmut. Eyvallah.Where are you going?Do you have a place to go?You headquarters was raided.You have no men in Baghdad.You remember what you said Hace.You said we had no one to trust here but each other here in Baghdad.You are just like you said now.Come on. Let’s go to the shop.So, we can have some rest and some food.The grumble in your belly can be heard from the nomad tribe!If I didn’t know your heart is pure…..your words would hurt me so much.

Whatever, let it be as you said.Saltik brother, as much as my hear is pure, I am smart, too.And as much as I am smart, I am also skillful.-Peace be with you.-Peace be upon you.Come on, Mahmut.Aren’t you coming?Wh ere? What do you mean?You don’t know, of course. Hace is back.And he is not alone this time.I know, I know.Mansur Can is with him.No, there is someone else with him.Come on! Tell me! Who is he?Pir Yusuf HemedaniHadrath has also come.What business Yusuf Hemedani has in Baghdad?How could we ask it to Hadrath?I am sure he has a reason. Come on!Saltuk brotheAren’t you comingam coming.Peace be with you.Peace be upon you.Come, Ahmet Can.My Fir.Did I distract you?Not at all, Mahmut Can.They asked me once.The great scholars were going to the other world one by one.They asked me what should we do about it.

And I responded them.Even if the scholars go, his wisdom stays.Even if the scholar immigrates, the knowledge remains.So, I……was busy with the most important legacy, with books……that was left from the scholars.And while I was busy with wisdom……I was also soothing my soul.We need to read from their books……even it is a few pages everyday.\Ne need to be busy with wisdom.And I was looking for articles……inside the books they left for us……to some things to sooth my soul.In the name of Allah.On the other side……I was realizing how small I was….before their greatness.Then, I looked at you.The warmness of the affection in your heart……affected my heart.Then, I understand that the essence of the poet……is as beneficial as the words of the scholar.And I listened to you.My Pir.brothers prepared your food.But if you want we can serve you here.

Thank them.And thank you, Ahmet Can.Your foods become always plentiful, inshallah.Yet, I wanted to fast today.They say you can relive yourself from it in the friend’s food table but…you can excuse me, rightEstagfurallah, my Pir.I wish you let me know so, we can share the sahoor together.I know you don’t want me to stay hungry and get troubled.But from time to time……you should consider yourself luck to be hungry.So that you can understand the conditions of hungry people.

So that, we can understand why our Prophet Hadrath (PBUH)….led’a stone in his he was hungry….attached a stone in his belly, when he was hungry.And there is a saying.The fate of a dervish is known.It can be halvah, or apple, doesn’t matter.A dervish tells eyvallah to all of it, right Ahmet Can?There is something I would like to do before I leave Baghdad.What is it, myHelp someone, whose heart is on fire.We will look into his heart.If we can find who has a fire… his heart, we will pray to great Allah……and ask His help.

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