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MAVERA EPISODE 21 with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

This is Episode 21 of Mavera: Hace Ahmed Yesevi with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. My H ace.Atif came even here….and dared to raid the lodge with armed really speechless.The ones, who don’t know their limits, think bravery is daring.He also don’t know his limits.As great Haqq said…They think they set a trap but, we set another trap for them.Everything is hidden in this sentence.The ambush they set damaged themselves.But my Hace, when even we didn’t know Caliph Mustersid was in the lodge……how did Atif learned about it?Asife Sultan.She saved the Caliph from Atif, who acts as if he is one of the servants of that man with the dagger.

She brought him to the lodge.That is what I didn’t also understand.Or else… could his guards be traitors?I didn’t like them all, Hace.I am sure there is an explanation for all of these.But we are not responsible to know every secret and solution.Our first duty was protect who were taken us, whether it was a slave……or the Caliph.We did it, thank Allah.And our second duty was not to surrender to anyone who tried to infringe our privacy……whether it was Vizier or bandits.With the permission of Allah, we also did that.Everything else is just rumors.So, it is all babbling.Isn’t that so, Pehlivan Master?Of course, you are right.You are right, Hace.The Caliph Mustersid Hadrath.-Welcome.-Welcome.Welcome. Glad to see you.Welcome. Glad to see youWelcome. Caliph Hadrath.Glad to see you.Th e Caliph Hadrath has come!The Caliph Hadrath has come!Come here! The Cali ph Hadrath has come!Welcome.-The Caliph Hadrath has come!Glad to see you. Caliph Hadrath.Welcome, Caliph Hadrath.WelcomeFather!Welcome, Caliph Hadrath.Welcome.Fathed-My d ear daughter.-Fathe .-My dear daughter.

Thank Allah.-My dear father!-It’s okay, dear.It’s tflkayLook, I am fine.Don’t cry, please.May Aljah bestow his blessing upon you all.-May Allah bless you.-May Allah bless you.I heard you protected my daughter and stopped the traitors during my sickness.May Allah bless you all.-Ameen. For all of us.-Thank you.They presented you as bad people in the past.And we believed and trusted their words.We were wrong.-Estagfurallah.You are all welcome now.Thanks, aliph Hadrath.Father.This is Aytolu.She prepared the medications healed you with her own hands.Really?Thank you, daughter.Not at all.Take it.Thanks, Caliph Hadrath.But she doesn’t accept it.Aytolu learned the knowledge about the herbs from her father.And his father learned it from his own mother.

This will continue like this.It is such a sacred legacy that… can be only use to be beneficial.She never uses it to gain personal benefit.seeLet it be, then.But know this. From now on……you are always welcome in my post.Whoever has a problem, make sure he comes to me.Thanks.Thanks.Asife. Let’s go to the palace, daughter.May Allah protect you all.Thanks.I was so alone while you were sick.If there were not my nanny and the head doctor……I could have never made you drunk those healing herbs.My Asife.My beautiful daughter.I have a bad newsThe hfead doctor passed away.Which cruel man did it, fattier?May Allah curse them, inshailah!It was Atif, right?Come on.So bad!So, we have meeting the great Vizier, Atif in this dungeon in our fates.Yes. Atif.

You have breathing the same air……with the people you threw to dungeon……in your fate.I need to get out of the prison.And I need to get out right away.We have lost our first piece in this war.The Vizier is down.But we wilt wm this war, Dubeys Do you know why?The white pieces always start first.He gets the opportunity t^Jetermine the moves.The black pieces…..take position according to the white pieces.But this time biack pieces made the first move.We made Sazlik District weaker.They have to take position according to our position.But we lost our first piece in this war.

The Vizier in the palace is down.Atif got caught becmi of his clumsiaes*.AtiFs foolishness wee limiting my moves*…..since the beginning.Downfall of Vizier can be beneficial sometimes.It makes the opposite site more relaxed.And sometimes it is not good at all.Many moves that Vizier can do… cleared off.Do you understand me…..DubeysDoctor.Doctor, tell me something.What’s wrong with this kid?Tell me what is needed. I’ll go and find it right away. Please, tell me something.The condition of this kid is not good at all.I have never seen such an illness before.There is no solution. I’ve done everything I can.The rest is up to Allah.What do you mean you have no solution, huh? What do you mean?Look at me. You’ll heal Necip! Or, no one can heal you, okay?Don’t let something happen to Necip.How can I live if something happens to him?Hace. Hace.Necip. Necip. Hold on, my lion.

Hold on, okay? 1*11 go and bring Hace.He’ll heal you. Please, hold on, okay?They are right.We hid that the Caliph was in the lodge.Who knew it? Only four of us.And we never expose our secrets.There were guards and I said I didn’t trust them at all but…And who else knew it?Who else knew it?Nanny!Maybe the traitor was nanny.No, I don’t think so.You say you don’t think so, Pehlivan Master?I am trying to find the traitor and you say you don’t think so!Who else knew it?Mahmut Akay.You are getting angry again.What are you talking about? I a trying to get rid of the thing bugging me!

You said when I raised my voice, it meant you got angry.Didn’t you said I should have calmed you then?I said it, rightBut I am always raise my voice.MashAllah. your angry never ceases, Mahmut Akay.I always angry? Am I-Am I always angry?I am not, right?Hace, I know.I know how Atif knew the Caliph was in the lodge.Hace! Hace! Something happened to the kids in the neighborhood! Necip is so bad!Help us! Help us for the blessing of Allah! Quickly!He vomits blood. He is awful!

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