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MAVERA EPISODE 23 with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

This is Episode 23 of Mavera: Hace Ahmed Yesevi with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. Almas mother.You shared your bread with us.You shared your water with us. Give me your blessing.They say when the guest comes……you get more bread and dear water.You brought your affection to us.You talked about Mohammed Mustafa (PBUH) and his beautiful name.May your name be blessed, too.May you live with your name.May your house be bountiful and your garden be with roses.May one bird of luck perch on one of your shoulder and one bird of state perch on the other.Ameen, mother. Ameen.How blessed and pure prayers are these!Thank you.Kutluk.You also helped us a lot.May Allah bless you.If you weren’t with us, if Aytolu weren’t with us……we couldn’t get rid of the disease in Sazlik.We made our breath more valuable thahks to you.May Allah bless you.Aytolu.What is this?

It has whatever a nomad’s pack has.Dried meat, cheese…It is just a small gift.Why did you trouble yourself?Not at all. No worries.You brought peace in our heart and blessing in our table.I just want to share our bread with you more, so, we can have more plentiful days.Take it, please.How can I say no after these beautiful words.May Allah bless you.May Allah bless you, too, Hace.Have a good trip.Be careful, you’ll fall down.If you don’t be careful you fall down like this I wanted to teach him some things, because Pehlivan Master is not I’m glad to see you help getting each other up…..instead of knocking off each other.It is something precious to me.guess you didn’t see, when he knocked me off, Hace.It is the nature of the sword fight.You shouldn’t be angry for that. I’m sure you know it best, Akboru.I know, I know.Whatever, we’ll keep training. I don’t want to make Pehlivan Master angry.Pehlivan Master is a good master.

He’s just a bit tough.I don’t know if you are really a holy person as the nomads say.But if you really became a holy person……then, it must be the reward of standing Pehlivan Master all these years.May it be easy.Come here.Akay, you should eat something.Aren’t you hungry?Here, this is your share.No, I don’t want it. I am useless Sahsuvar. I don’t deserve it, too.Take it, take it. I worked for your stead, too. You deserve it.Sahsuvar Akay.Please, eat just a bit.Okay, 1*11 leave it here.You can eat, when you get hungry, huh?Hace.Leyla committed that murder, Hace.While I was trying to clean her from the filth of Baghdad……she bloodied her hands.Master.Allah orders in Maide surah……whoever kills a person unjustly……it is as if he kills all the world.But when he explains injustice……he includes defeatism and killing others.

We can’t know who did what.But while you don’t turn your back Sahsuvar, who killed Mervan……I think there is another<e5son for you to do it for Leyla, huh?Of course, there is.Of course, Hace, of course. You know it.I though the best works befitted her hands.That’s why I want her to get rid of the swamp she was in.If someone had to dirtied his hands, this shouldn’t have been her hands.Master.Let go of that.Listen to me.What’s written by Haqq, cannot be changed by a servant, master.Your duty is not to complain about it.What happened is happened.You need to acceYou won’t give up.You will accept it as destiny.Okay H ace.We welcome what comes from Haqq, eyvallah.What then?What comes next is also written in the same ayat, master.”Whoever saves one person……will be accepted as if he saved the whole world.”You will do your best……to save one person.Maybe you are not a means to her salvation but……she is the means to your salvation.

Look H ace…I*m named Pehlivan Hamza for years.I wrote poems like bards.I made Mansur my messenger and……sent everything to her through a handkerchief.I’m so ashamed……I can’t look at people in the eye and you still tell me to continue?Oh Master.Oh Master.Let me tell you a story.One day……our mother Aisha……asked our Prophet.Peace be upon him.Peace be uponHow is your relationship with me” she asked.And our Prophet said “like a deadlock”Our mother liked this answer very much.She repeated her question from time to time.How is the deadlock” she would ask.And our prophet……“The deadlock is same as ever” he would say.Now check your heart, master.If you believe that……you are going to carry that deadlock in your heart, until the end of days……then continue, master.Continue.Eyvallah Hace.Ey vallah.Please tell me, you are scaring me.Why are you scared, Aytolu?You are the rose of this tribe.Everyone loves you.

They protect you.Everyone is a frie< of yours in this tribe.Everyone loves you too, sister.We are your friends too, don’t you know that?But you deserve that love.You are pure.This is something so precious.Come on, sister.We know who deserves love, and who dbes not.You earned the lefthand, respect you see in this tribe.Come on, come to your senses, and don’t make me sad.May Allah give you more.Peace be with you.Peace be upon you.Come sit down.Is there any news?This time, the news is……not from outside,but from inside.You know Hace, I am……not a man of the lodge.We have a home……a roof over our heads, and a path……and that is our state.}Ne accepted it as sacred.Oguz Khan said that:’’May skies be your tent, and the sun your strength’’ \Ne accepted the state as……the main pillar of the tent, what holds the skies upright.If it’s not there……there would be no justice either.

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