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EPISODE 06 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 3

Dirilis season 3 with Urdu Subtitles is going on fantastically. This is the Episode number 6 of this season 3 with Urdu subtitles. Hayma Mother and Hakim’s are talking about that why Ertugrul leave Noorgul into the Han ( Inn). Hayma Mother is telling Halime that it should be some plane of Ertugrul like a Cuckoo bird. Hayma Mother also explaining the cuckoo’s story. Abdul Rahman comes and tells them that martyrs as requested ready for burial but Ertugrul bey still not come. Halima tells him that if he said he will come, then he must come in time. Aliyar after finishing his work by saving his brother the Ural is going to Kayi Tribe for an invitation. He was thinking on the ways about his brother’s Doings. He is also thinking about Toktamış murder. He was thinking all this while sitting on the way. All of sudden Ertugrul come across and he asks Ertugrul about the way of Kayi Tribe. Ertugrul asks him with whom he has to meet in the Kayi Tribe. Aliyar tells him that he has a message for Ertugrul Bey. Ertugrul tells him that I am Ertugrul. Aliyar tells him about the invitation of Çandar bey. First, Ertugrul refuse the invitation because of their mourning. After convincing by Aliyar Ertuğrul agrees to be their guest tomorrow.

Simon reaches at the place where Aliyar gets the dagger from his men. When they see that dagger is missing Simon tells his fellow men that Ertugrul couldn’t get the Dagger because he doesn’t know about the dagger. Martyrs are ready for burial. Ertugrul comes in time and address to the people. He tells them that those are the first martyrs of their Tribe in these lands. He also tells them that they are not last. İn his address he encourages People that in this battle they will have confronted with a lot of troubles. İn this way of battle they will be ambushed, backstabbed and treacherous. Ural and Batuhan are talking about the dagger that Batuhan couldn’t find the dagger. While the Ural becomes angry with Batuhan, Aliyar enters in their tent and flip the dagger on the wooden board. Aliyar asks his brother that is he was looking for this dagger? He tells him that blood of Kayi soldiers is still fresh on the dagger. He tells him that clean this dagger Maybe because of this he can clean himself from inner. The Ural becomes angry with Aliyar when Aliyar tells him that his father knows everything about his wrongdoings. The Ural starts to fight with Aliyar. Both brothers start beating each other. Aslıhan comes and tries to stop them but fails then Çandar bey comes And calls both of them to his tent. When Ural and Aliyar enter the Tent, Ural starts speaking about that his siblings are always accusing him. As Çandar bey had known everything so he has

Kick off in the abdomen of Ural. He pushes his sword on the neck of Ural. He tells the Ural that he is the biggest enemy of his Tribe. İf he wouldn’t his first child he would have killed him with his own hands. Moreover, he tells him that Aliyar saves Not only his life but the whole tribe. He warns him that Ertugrul and his family will come to dinner and he should accommodate them with best possibilities.

Ertugrul is talking with Mr. Arif about the incident. He is telling that someone who has a fear of something has reached Korpinar before them. Ertugrul tells Mr. Arif whoever goes Korpinar they are following us very closely. They are everywhere around them even in the bazaar. Then Ertugrul tells Mr. Arif that he is doubting on the Ural. Mr. Arif wonders. Ertugrul says that that man doesn’t want them in these lands. He couldn’t stand us selling the rugs. Mr. Arif is hopeful that with the will of Allah Ural bey wouldn’t spill the blood of their fellow Muslims only for some gold coins. Ertugrul tells that the sudden invitation of Çandar bey has increased the doubt. Ertugrul prays to Allah that doesn’t make me spill the blood of fellow Muslims. Babar is trying to get some İnformation from That drunk man and he is successful. What happened after this please keep watching Dirilis Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles only on Mustafa is the password for this Episode.

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