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AlpArslan Great Seljuke Season 2 Urdu

Aybike.How beautiful.No one is going to call me that again......right?You should keep having faith in Allah.Come on now, take up your sword.M HiCome on.; •	1I have kept my faith.I have always kept my faith.I always waited the day I would hear my name from your mouth.I dreamed of the times I would call you father and hug you.If you get up now......and hug me after you call me Aybike.I would tell you everything.....I would lay on your shoulders as if I am laying on a great mountain.Father.I am near you, but I am far away from you.Do not go away from me and leave me alone.Don't.If I sing the song, which you said that always takes you to far away.....and reminds you my mother......would you......bring you back to me?"Earth under our feet......and starts on there any person without a heart ache?Without a heart ache?I am left without a mother......and a father......and a least you stay with me and don't leave me as an least you stay with me and don't leave me as ah orphan.Oh my..City of Bust.Sir.What happened'here?What happened here?We'll know when we see Bozan.Send soldiers to every corner and take control of the city.Find the Ghazni people who were harmed and help them.As you wish.Ersrcj^I've started preparations for the utbey and coins my Bey.Don't worry.I'll deal with everything else too.As long as you're here, we won't worry Atsiz.Bow down.My Bey, as you ordered......the watchmen outside......saw him running and caught him.20 other dogs were with him in the hole he was hiding.Do what's necessary to the others.This devil will come to Merv with us.Get up.Damn it.What are they doing?Calm down.I'm not here to cause trouble.I want to talk to Emir.Bozan.You can talk to Emir Bozan if you want.But I don't know.....if he can hear you.Watch out.It's just.a formal visit like the others.Actually......I hoped it would be until I saw you.Wh’ece's Bozan?* '•Q* •’<3Look at it.If you ever dare to trick us in our'll end up in this chest.You took Bust. I see.Congratulations.Conquering must be like breathing for you.You're right.I only breathe to conquer......and when the time comes.....I kill to conquer.But we don't do this for ourselves.We do it for our children.It will be Vaspuraka'n's turn eventually.I can't wa\t,to welcomeBut be patient.It'll keep you alive.I want myAenemies to live..not just my friends.Because I want my conquest to be grand.As far as I can see......your uncle Yinal Bey......helped you while taking Bust.Just like......he helped yo.u keep the base.I thought Turks......who're younger......always stay behind the older one.Until I saw you two.Despite......the age......and Yinal Bey's......contribution to the conquest you've made......the throne and the yours.The shadow of your so mighty......that it falls over you too.Yinal Bey.Be careful what you say.Or your head will fall to that shadow Diyojen.We only kill in battle, not out of anger Diyojen. Don't push it.The land you are standing on......belongs to Seljuk.From now on, make your future plans accordingly.....and loosen your soldiers' leashes accordingly. .We are leaving!Why do you care about what the infidels said, Yinal Bey?They intend to drive a wedge between us, don't you know that?We have a funeral, Alparslan.It's not the time to concern ourselves with this.Do you see how happily it flies?I do. It must be glad to be out of its cage.Our souls are within the cages of our bodies.When we are set free......and get to fly to Jan nah......we find peace.Your mother is soaring into the sky just like this bird we freed.And she'll be looking over you from there.Did my mom......go up to the sky?Yes.She's flapping her wings happily like a bird.Whenever you want to say something to your mother......mention her in your prayers and send your words to her with a pigeon.Okay, my boy?Tell my mom how much I love her, okay?Alparslan BeySerdar?.What happened to yoWhat are you doing here all alone?Evil Qarmatians.....hilled the ©rphans thatSehver Sultan had put me with.I'm the only one who survived.Don't worry.

AlpArslan Buyuk Seljuke Season 2 EPISODE 18 Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles

This is Episode No 18 of AlpArslan Buyuk Selcuklu Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles. -Atsizr '-Yes, my Bey.‘ -AtsizJ-Yes, my Bey.It's my order. Have the glorious flags of Seljuk be displayed on the walls of Bust Palace.Make sure that khutbahs are recited and coins are made in the name of the ruler of Khorasan, Cagri Bey.The command is belong to our Bey.

Let me appear before Bozan.I can scare him by explaining the things he will face in case he keeps what he is doing.Do you think he will trust you?There is no need to discuss. I am going.Whoever doesn't obey Great Natik, he will be killed.> ** *Look who is here.The sons of Cagri Bey, Alparslan and Suleyman.Capture both of them alive. Great Natik will take their lives.When I am taken as a prisoner, you will return to the tribe right away.And before I let you know-And before I let you know-Suleyman stopCome on!What is Suleyman doing?He throws himself into the fire instead of me!If I don't return until tomorrow......give me your blessings!Suleyman ICover me! We can't leave Suleyman!Suleyman!Take him away.Suleyman!Come on my lions! Kill them!I told you to read what's written on this rug!If you don't speak right away......I will kill you right here!yWait.BUST CMIRLiK SARAYIBUST CMiRLiK SA'RAYIWith your betrayal to me..,...whom do you think is going to save you from me?Tell me that, the heir-to-be of Seljuk state.Where are my sister and nephew, Bozan?I want to see them quickly.-You should......think about yourself.What about you?Do you think that the throne you sit on will save your life?Aren't you afraid that a strong shahzade like......Abdurresid is going to be the Ghazna Sultan......with the support of my father Cagri Bey?If Cagri Bey......can find Abdurresid, he can support him.Abdurresid and the other shahzadas are about to reach Merv, Bozan.Why do you think we came to Bust with Alparslan?

AlpArslan Buyuk Seljuke Season 2 EPISODE 17 Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles

This is Episode No 17 of AlpArslan Buyuk Selcuklu Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles. Sister.Haven't we talked about this before?While there are many indications that the demon behind you is that bastard Natik......why do you still justify him?Why do you make him Vizier for your state?Is there anyone else who wants to say something?Anyone?

It's weird that none of them made any claims.There is something behind it.Bozan might be keeping them in captivity.And maybe he is threatening my sister with making them attack Mesut.You are right, son.The one that was speaking was not my beautiful daughter Sehver.What are you thinking about Alparslan?What shall we do?They keep saying that we should not intervene in their state matters.If we can secure my sister and my nephew......nothing will stop us from taking Bozan's head.I am going back to Bust to take my sister and my nephew.Suleyman Erbasgan.Check on other ShehzadSee if they're safe or are they in danger as we suspect.Son.You said you'll save them.But one's the Sultan of Ghazni and the other is the heir.You can't enter the palace.Even if you do, how will you save them?VASPUPA KANCheck every room and every rat hole very carefully.Break all the locked doors.Don't worry about the ranks.Gather everything suspicious.I want to see them myself.Hurry! Hurry! Come on! Now!Go on! Go on!What's going on?We're cleaning the castle Tekfur.Qarmatians disguised as soldiers were close enough to kill you.You know it.tAnd Maria's living with the Turks.That means they can do the same.We have to clean.You two. Here.Hurry! Hurry!You two over there.Open the door.Break it down.What's going on? -Move.What's going on?Get out.Come on. Hurry.Give me that.Naw!Soldier!Hew dare you do this?There's a search warrant.You should comply, sir.Alright. You can start.Hold your sword tight. I'll attack okay?Okay.Hold it with both hands.Wow. There is a tough battle here.Hatun insisted.She wanted to learn how to fight.MashAl I ah.Good job.It's enough for today okay?You're learning how to fight?Yes. Sister Akca's teaching me.I'll protect my mother and my tent.I'll take revenge on the infidels who killed my father.Sister Akca grew up without a father too.Did you know that uncle Hasan?Don't be sad.Even though we can't see him we're close to our father We carry them in our hearts.We carry them in our hearts.Th’ey're in our dreams.We talk to them.We're proud that we have their blood running through our veins.Me think about them.We love them.We miss them.We miss them.When you find your'll never ca him father if.......we don't have Vaspurakan.You won't say..."I'm your daughter.""I'm alive and well.....and I'm here."If a father sees their child in danger......he'll intervene.Bozan martyred two shahzades.Other shahzades are still captive.Wrer shftesjfMs ure0	0If we don't catch Bozan...If we don't catch Bozan......the blood of the dynasty will...First, tell me where the other shahzades are being kept, my shahzade.We have to save them to destroy Bozan's plan.Did you think you could go behind my back......Sehver?

AlpArslan Buyuk Seljuke Season 2 EPISODE 16 Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles

This is Episode No 16 of AlpArslan Buyuk Selcuklu Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles. Sister.Haven't we talked about this before?While there are many indications that the demon behind you is that bastard Natik......why do you still justify him?Why do you make him Vizier for your state?Is there anyone else who wants to say something?Anyone?

You'll divide one of the chests into two smaller chests.You'll do that so they don't be suspicious.Soldiers won't open up the chests and count them.I know how strong and deep rooted your faith is Emir Bozan.We believe what you said.You've made a mistake.May Allah always help you......see your wrongs.Amen.Make sure that I'll give the proper response to Romen Diyojen.Sooner or will surrender.Your stubbornness won't save you, Ibrahim Yinal.What is it?As we talked, I ambushed Seljuks on the way back.... Al pa rslan...Don't tell me about goddamned Alparslan, Nestor.What did you do? Did you kill Dukas?I'm sorry, sir.Damn it!t &v *	. • j n ’ f*FHe's a messenger from Constantinople, sir.I brought the letter of the Great Emperor from Constantinople to Tekfur Kekavmenos.I brought the letter of the Great Emperor from Constantinople to Tekfur Kekavmenos.VASPUPAKAN KAPAGAINI\p»Is it the same amount as alps get?We're running low, my bey.We can give a little less than this to our alps....why would you bring us more than the amount you give alps?Divide the food and ayran among the soldiers.The bread is enough for us on its own.We shouldn'-t let't'fii’nR the glorious Ghaznavids have-been played by infidels in commerce.Don't let this get out.And from now on, be more cautious.Thankfully, Batur Bey......opened our eyes before it was too late.Thank you.Still......he killed soldiers and ambushed......a caravan in our land.His intentions.....don't change the consequences.(sive permission to Bozan to take care of that job, no matter the cost.What is your plan, brother?The Bozan I know will definitely try to play tricks with this, too.Give him permission so that the fox can fall into our trap on his own.At the end of this, you will see his true colors......with your own eyes.What Batur Bey and his alps did in our land is against our practices.You are right, Emir Bozan.But.....just as Batur Bey said......those who have good intentions are sure of themselves.Although he seemed evil, Batur Bey came to us with goodness.What he said and did is for our benefit.He and his alps are free to go.Sehver Sultan, the daughter of Cagri Bey......may Allah......protect your fate and your throne from the evil.Amin.Emir Bozan.Ghaznavids don't have a single dinar to waste.Return this worthless stuff......alongside the dead bodies of Byzantine soldiers......and ask for our treasury's money back-.As you command, my Sultan.How is your arm?Go away! I don't need your help.But I need you alive.And a general who rules an army should die in the battlefield, right?

AlpArslan Buyuk Seljuke Season 2 EPISODE 15 Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles

This is Episode No 15 of AlpArslan Buyuk Selcuklu Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles. I will give you General Dukas.Abolish'the siege, and I will give you General Dukas.General Dukas is a noble general that holds the benefit of Kaiser above all else!

What's the situation?Is there a way we can get out?Some of the passages collapsed.It's nearly impossible for us to find a quick solution.We shall use what we have in the storage sparingly.M A * A<<*A4Allah will surely send us a way out of this.Who are you?!Why didn't you kill me when you had the chance?Tell me!How could I kill the Melik of the state......I sacrificed my life for, Suleyman Bey?It is not enough at all! It is like bird food!It is not enough at all! It is like bird food!We are under siege! The provision will be use carefully.What is this nonsense?How can we defend, when we have no food or water?-This is unacceptable!-What is this?There is no food! There is no water! What are we going to do now?-We are hungry!-What does this mean!It's enough! There is no food! There is no water!What do you think you are doing!The infidels are at our gates and my soldiers fall out with each other!For what?For a piece of bread!For a a drop of water!Haven't you ever heard the epics of your ancestors......and the lullabies of your grannies?You think Turk soldiers surrender hunger?Stop this chaos right now!Come on!BUST EMIRHOOD PALACETake Alparslan Bey and our little guest to the guestroom.Take Alparslan Bey and our little guest to the guestroom.Make sure they are hosted well.I want no flaw in service to the brother of our Sultan.What service are you talking about, Bozan?I will see Sehver Sultan right away!When our Sehver Sultan is suitable, I am sure she is going to accept you in her presence, Alparslan Bey.But not now.My Sultan.We arrived the location on notice.When we arrived there, the damage was already done.Even so, there were a lot of innocent people inside.-Dead?-Thank Allah......we were there before something happened to them.And when we arrived there.....the person, who were waiting for us with his sword, was...Who?Alparslan Bey, my Sultan.What were Alparslan doing there?

AlpArslan Buyuk Seljuke Season 2 EPISODE 14 Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles

This is Episode No 14 of AlpArslan Buyuk Selcuklu Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles. -Help! I beg you!-Get us out of here! I beg you!Please! Help us!Get us out of here! Please!It's end of the road, Emir Bozan.You have nowhere to run now.Stand up.Alparslan Bey.Listen to me first.I will bury you into the ditches you dug.There is no use of denial.The evidence I've been looking for is on the tip of my sword now.

I am fine Alpagut.Let's leave.Are you okay Akca Hatun?I am okay my Bey.Uncle, are you okay?I have to do this for Alparslan to trust me!I will tell you everything, trust me!Alpagut! He will take Maria to the tribe. Take armored troops and go after him immediately.Alpagut-! He will take Maria to the tribe. Take armored troops and go after him immediately.Alpagut! He will take Maria to the tribe. Take armored troops and go after him immediately.Alpagut-! He will take Maria to the tribe. Take armored t-reeps and go after him immediately.As you command.welcome-Yinal-Bey.Thanks.I am sorry for your loss Batur Bey.Emir Ali achieved the thing we all wish...VASPVRAKAN KARARQAHI...martyrdom. May he stand with our Prophet in the afterlife.Thanks, Yinal Bey.But, I don't understand endangering many soldiers for a traitor hatun!Why didn't Alparslan kill her when he found her if she was to be executed?Why did he go and save him after everything that happened?Let's see what will my nephew do to endanger our state!Yinal Bey, Akca Hatun is innocent.Akca Hatun is a......strong hatun, whose heart is filled with love for our state, and who would sacrifice herself for the state.If that's the case, why did Alparslan send her to the castle and put her in a dungeon?Alparslan Bey wanted to lure Kekavmenos to an ambush and kill him.But it didn't happen.You know that Akca Hatun was kidnapped by a traitor.And the traitor wasn't only one of us, he was also......working for Emir Bozan in Ghazni, Yinal Bey.What does that mean?Emir Bozan's aide Meymun was the bastard called Natik.Now he's the prisoner of the Byzantines.My Bey.

AlpArslan Buyuk Seljuke Season 2 EPISODE 13 Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles

This is Episode No 13 of AlpArslan Buyuk Selcuklu Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles. -Akca Hatun.-Shut up!Alpagut.Let Alparslan Bey go.Maria! Maria!What do you think you are doing?-You traitor!-Don't take another step!No one come closer!-Maria, leave Tekfur! Have you gone mad?-Everyone calms down!Alpagut, you also calm down.Maria

And in the meantime, I will host......our distinguished guest.As you wish Great Natik./ASP'JPAKANWill I be able to see......or not?Tell me. Will I be able to see or not?Speak up! Speak up!Calm down Tekfur.My uncle's nervous. You said you're hoping he'll see.When? -We don't know.When his body gets rid of the poison he'll be able to see again.If you want to keep your tongue......keep your mouth shut.Only you and I will know I'm -blind.It will stay a secret.Don't worry, sir.Damn it! Damn! Damn!JULLieaThis is all because of that God damn Alparslan!Before I take his life.....gouge his eyes out with my dagger.Now...-Dukas needs to not realize......that I cannot see.You understand...Right?Tekfur is in his room!Back off, open the door!What do these signs on this map mean?What are we doing n Gerdkuh Castle?And who is Maria? Answer me!Quiet, General. My uncle is asleep, can't you see?Oh!He's asleep?Why did he not wake up?!Because he needs to rest!If you will allow him...Tell him....r.we have issues to discuss when he wakes up.He's gone, uncle.Well...I think you now understand that you need to trust me, uncle.Who is this Maria?I will explain.I'm listening.This is......a long story.Maria is.....a Turkmen girl.What?But she doesn't know.It was a very long time ago.I was quite young back then.The ambitious son......of the Yervant Kekavmenos......the Tekfur of Ani.So you are the head of the ones in black......who handle Kekavmenos' most important duties.I am the beginning and end of everything.Do you think you are doing Kekavmenos a favor by arresting me and keeping me in this cave?You think I abducted you as a favor for Kekavmenos.What was it for?If you don't know how valuable I am to him, why did you take me away?The only thing valuable on this our great cause we have sacrificed our lives for.Neither you, nor someone else......have any personal value in the slightest.Neither your words......nor you hold any value.Now......if you would like to gain any value in this world, you should......serve this cause, too.One of the soldiers abducted Akca Hatun.It was a city soldier.That's right.What are you talking about, nephew?What would a devious man like that be doing among my soldiers?Emir Ali said so, Yinal Bey.He said it with his last breath.

AlpArslan Buyuk Seljuke Season 2 EPISODE 12 Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles

This is Episode No 12 of AlpArslan Buyuk Selcuklu Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles. Emir Ali!J 2. BO LUMMy Bey, someone, who infiltrated among the soldiers of Yinal Bey......kidnapped the Hatun!His name is Haris!Haris!I couldn't protect her.

But when she is trialed, everyone will learn.We will go to the tribe quickly! Divan will be held!7ASPUPAKAUVaspurakanForgive me but if you let me kill that dog, Goktug......none of this would have happened.I told you he deserves to die.Enough Diyojen.I don't want to hear it.Sir. Aparslan left the ba with his Alps just now They had a carriage with a hard top. «• They had a carriage with a hard top.A carriage?Yes sir.If I'm not mistaken there was a young girl in there.They're taking her to Merv.»Which way did they go?Towards the Camliyamac road.Towards the Camliyamac road.I'm on it sir.Alpagut.Take a lot of men with you.And don't come back without her.As you wish.Who's the captive girl?If I know that.....I can help you more than Alpagut can.(The girl's name is......Maria.She's my sharp dagger in the place where......Seljuk heirs are raised.The Merv tribe.Alparslan's in the Camliyamac road.We'll take the shortcut to catch.kthem.We'll take the shortcut to catch them.As you wish.Come on.My Bey.Akca Hatun has something to tell you.She can say that in the tribe.For the love of Allah keep her away from me Atabey.I might do something wrong.I can't become the guilty one when I'm innocent.She says it's important.We all make mistakes..You are the bigger person my Bey.There is no other-god except the One Allah.My Bey. Don't do this, for the love of Allah.Let me go back to the castle.If I don't, Kekavmenos will come after me.He'll send men to fight you.The years of suffering to prevail this order will go to waste.Don't waste your breathe Akca Hatun. It's pointless.We know what you trying to protect.I've told you my last word.Now Cagri Bey will give you the judgment.Wait here.Alpagut.Listen to him Alparslan Bey.He protected the order.I told you Akc-a wa's innocent.I'll prove it to you too.But we have time now.If you don't want pie to get killed, give me Akca.If’l leave without her, Kek-avmenos will lose faith in me.And......they will attack you....they will attack you.And I can't stop them Alparslan.Is that right?

AlpArslan Buyuk Seljuke Season 2 EPISODE 11 Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles

This is Episode No 11 of AlpArslan Buyuk Selcuklu Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles. Look down.Look down.-My Bey.-Shut up!You cooperated with the infidels and set up an ambush on us, was that so?Bastard!You ignoble!Traitor!My Bey, forgive my, my Bey!Two things can destroy us.The mercy of the enemy and the betrayal of the friend!

Akca is not here yet, she must not of finished with what she is doing.Well, she said it wouldn't take long.She is wounded too.I am worried that she might get sick on the way.If it's as I fear, she may have passed out somewhere.Let's catch up to the girls before something goes wrong.Come on.7ASPUPAKAN KAPAPGA II •Vaspurakan Headquarters4 CAlparslan Bey.Emir Ali what happened?The infidels attacked.Thank Allah we killed them all my Bey.Help me.Come on. Come on.Go get the doctors now.Yes my Bey.Are you okay my girl?I'm okay father. Don't worry.fQA9> ♦I was waiting for wake up to ask unite our hearts and our paths......but thank Allah I woke up first.Now you'll wake up......and explain your treason.Her wound's very small.Do whatever it takes to wake her up.The sooner she .wakes up the better.How did Kekavmenos dare to break the agreement and attack Batur Bey?How did it happened?We got here at the last minute Alparslan Bey.Where were you before?Where's Atabey?Where are my Alps?Inal Bey......seized them all.Inal Bey?The corpses of the Byzantine soldiers......will be sent to Vaspurakan.As you wish Governor Hadrath.What are you doing here Inal Bey?With what right?With what power?You own this land but you weren't here to protect it nephew.We got here and took care of the infidels.Are you questioning me for helping you?Did 20 infidels come here to seize the base......they couldn't protect with 1000 men?I guess they thought you were weak nephew.They didn't need more than that.This base is my right by my sword.It will stay that way as long as I live.And my right is by my sword as well.This place you claim is yours......was going to be taken by the infidels.I didn't take this base from you.I took it from the Byzantines with this sword.You're not trying to protect.You're trying to take it over.We took the capital of Great Seljuk, Rey......and gave it to our Sultan.Why would we want a small piece of land my nephew got from the Byzantines?> J;)/ZYou must know your place nephew.Cut off my neck if you will.I am my father's son.I'll say what I please.I won't learn my place from someone like you.Soldiers.I order you as the governor of Great Seljuks.Alparslan, son of Cagri Bey......will be seized.Until my next orders, lock him up in the castle of Damgan.Get him out.Go tell Cagri Bey about what happened. Now.VASPVPAKANYou were right to be suspicious, Tekfur.Alparslan never left the dynasty.

AlpArslan Buyuk Seljuke Season 2 EPISODE 10 Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles

This is Episode No 10 of AlpArslan Buyuk Selcuklu Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles. Inal Bey.When did this happen?We lost many of our men in the field.Infidels raided the headquarter.And I did what was necessary and beat them with my own hands.Ii saved the headquarter from falling into the hands of the infidels.Infidels must have waited for our Alparslan Bey to leave in order to raid. It is obvious.

Do something!©kay, come here.Uncle..Hurry up!The symptoms shows that the poison is already in his blood.I will kill you too!Esteemed Tekfur, calm down.Hurry up, do something!I can't...I don't want to die...I don't want to die!You won't die uncle, I won't let you die. Never!I can't breathe.Uncle, breathe.I am here.Esteemed Kekavmenos.He is saying that there is no other antidote.If you don't want me to kill you, then give me the antidote of the poison you prepared There is no other antidote!I told it to him.Then make a new one!It's impossible before spring.You can't find snow orchid in this season!General! My uncle is dying!We should give Alparslan whatever he wants.I am sorry Evdokya.The benefits of the empire is more important than your uncle's life.There won't be a deal. Go check his room.TteR® w@nl 1^1Go check his room.H e jyi i ght^tb^worki n g for the enemy too.Go and find anything that can work for us, a medicine or something!As you command. Come with me!Al pa rslan...Uncle..I swear to......great Allah......that I am going to......make you pay for each breath I couldn't take.Uncle, you need to be strong, calm down.Byzantines wilt come to us to get this antidote.What if the Byzantine sacrifices the Tekfur?Let's leave the choice to the infidels, Batur Bey.We will be the remedy of those who want, and the death of those who don't want it.My Bey, we united with the caravan of horses......and weapons sent by our Sultan on the way back here.They are Byzantine scouts.Whole squad is dead, my Bey.And they have taken the heads of these two.Their goal was to prove that the Sultan was helping us......and disturb the relationship of Seljuk and Islam Caliph.But they ended up losing their heads.

AlpArslan Buyuk Seljuke Season 2 EPISODE 09 Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles

This is Episode No 09 of AlpArslan Buyuk Selcuklu Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles. Uncle! Uncle!You want this?Give me that!Uncle!Now...It's time for you to either talk about my con’ditions......or come together with your son, Yannis, Tekfur Kekavmenos.

And my only wish from our great Sultan is let me do this and dismiss me from the dynasty.The gathering is over.Dismiss the court.You are the great one, my Allah.A soldier cad only be this much loyal, Alpagut.You have passed the test of loyalty.Alpagsut...\• a traitor-; Maria.This is not possible, father.Everyone can be a traitor but AlpagutI killed Selikos for I thought he leaked information to Alparslan.But that coyote can learn about the ambush I set for him before it happens.H.uh?I don't know how Alparslan know such things.There is only one thing I know and that is Alpagut never betrays you.So you are that sure 'beautiful Maria, huh?I will ask Alpagut to kill you.Kill me?You.I am sure Alpagut will carry out your order without hesitation, father.We will see.My beautiful Maria.When I call you, wear an armor under your clothes.And come to where I tell you.You know, Maria was sure.....that you would kill her without hesitation, when I gave her this order.I am very lucky to have such a loyal man.W1 'I k <I was so afraid that you wouldn't make the sign.And I was scared that you wouldn't see it.And I was scared that you wouldn't see it.You told me that he could test us one day, like how he does with everyone else.You were right.Our Sult’an makes him the heir......but our Bey does not want the throne or anything.What is this?H'o.w can I know?How can I know?This is not something we have seen before. I can't say anything.This is not something we have seen before. I can't say anything.Ours is the easiest job in this matter.Wherever our Bey goes, we will follow. There is nothing to think about.People grow up with what he has given up on.

AlpArslan Buyuk Seljuke Season 2 EPISODE 08 Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles

This is Episode No 08 of AlpArslan Buyuk Selcuklu Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles. Thank Allah that our great Allah bestowed us the victory.Now...I, the Sultan of the Seljuk state......the son of Mikail, Sultan Mohammed Tugrul...My order is that...

The greater the goal, greater the things you give up on.But word is like an arrow, son.When it is uttered......there is no turning back.Forgive me father.But when compared to my goal, what I have given up on has no value in my eye.This is how destiny tests us.I am sad that I look like a man without tore and someone......rebellious in my uncle's eyes.Vaspurakan is a fire that still burns in your heart.The same fiire burns me too, son.You lost your mother......and I lost my beautiful hatun.We lost many.Many sons and daughters grew up without a mother like you did.Do you think my brother Sultan Tugrul does not know these?Vaspuran is a fire that burns within his heart too.He will understand you.But I don't know what he might decide.We will understand when we talk with him.Excuse me my Bey.My alps, my brave brothers.• 1My companions with the heart of Zulfikar, with whom I have felled many......infidels in battlefields.I have made a decision, avowed.I will give my life upon this, but I will not go back on my word.And I won't tell anyone to come die with me. I can't.My path is tough.My path is harder than Sirath, and sharper than a sword.I am setting fe®;t o'n this path with my shroud.But I won't ask'-anyone to do the same, I can't.•> <J < ■ O A S<1I understand if you want to go back......and I'll keep you in my heart.My Bey.We are your-'soldiers.fWe do whatever you wish.Without you we have no heads.

AlpArslan Buyuk Seljuke Season 2 EPISODE 07 Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles

This is Episode No 07 of AlpArslan Buyuk Selcuklu Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles. Thank Allah that our great Allah bestowed us the victory.Now...I, the Sultan of the Seljuk state......the son of Mikail, Sultan Mohammed Tugrul...My order is that...

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