Barbaroslar Urdu Subtitles

But shallow.Our duty, and our ship are both heavy.Our goal is to go through the passage safe and sound.But we may have go return, and fight enemy.There are three kind of people.There are kings.There are ones who are scared of kings.And there are ones who make the kings fear.We have never been the ones that are afraid, thank Allah.Levents......even if we face bandits......or kings today......I have sworn to make them fear!Shall our oath be our destiny?Our oath should be our destiny!May our lives be sacrificed for you!Our oath should be our destiny!May our lives be sacrificed for you!Our oath should be our destiny!May our lives be sacrificed for you!Our oath should be our destiny!May our lives be sacrificed for you!Our oath should be our destiny!Hey!Heyamol!Let's start with the name of Allah!We should see through this duty!Hard to starboard!Hard to starboard!The gifts Ottoman Sultan sent to Memduh will pass through here.That ship has a crew, which I don't want to be seen by and cause them to take precaution.He is talking about Ottoman Sultan, it looks like they will attack a Muslim ship.We should be prepared.Reis!If they suspect anything, they will spill blood!Let them!We lost our ship, and more importantly, our freedom!It doesn't matter if we lose our lives as well!You are talking too much, Vefa Captain.You should rest now.This is what happens to anyone that tries to be a hero!Shut their mouths!According to the sound coming from the rocks, the passage is narrow.I have no worries left about the passage.But still, we haven't seen the end of the passage yet.

Barbaroslar EPISODE 01 with Urdu Subtitles

This is Episode 01 of Barbaroslar: Akdeniz'in Kılıcı means Sword of the Meditarranean with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. It has been rumored that this sea, which is called......Bahr-i Sefid by Arabs and Akdeniz (Mediterranean) a monster, which swallowed many kings' thrones and many sultans' crowns.It is even known that the great kaiser of the Rums, Caesar......was captured by ...

Then you'll thank me for saving your life.If it weren't for you, my life wouldn't be in danger.-Untie the rope.-What?Grab this axe and cut the rope in the back.Cut the rope! Hurry up!If we can't leave here, they'll cut our necks with that axe.What if they follow and find us?If we get out of this bay...I can find a thousand of bays to hide until they come here.I'm a man of Midilli girl.It's not easy to defeat me in the sea of islands.Come on, bismillah!Loosen the winding ropes with my sign.Winding what?Allah has given the wind behind us. No death for us in the sea!Lower the sails!This is for your service. Take it.This is for your service. Take it.And send my regards to Yorgo.Poseidon won't forget this companionship of his.Come on! Grab the oars!-Let's leave this island!-Come on!-Hurry up!-Let's go.Come on!Capture all the fishing boats and ships in the harbor!Put our men in each of them!Check every corner of the sea!Find that impertinent man for me!You think those patrols can find the man......who exploded the bell and escaped the island unharmed?-Lord Pietro. Believe me...-Okay!Cut it short. Impertinent!You've just said something right, Ratko.Impertinent.You called him impertinent.You said something right.You're right.He did something really impertinent.But would a person go through such a hardship and take such a risk.....just to show off?Maybe, this is a move of Muslims who want to wear us off spiritually.No, I don.'bthink so.

Barbaroslar EPISODE 02 with Urdu Subtitles

This is Episode 02 of Barbaroslar: Akdeniz'in Kılıcı means Sword of the Meditarranean with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. We have no problem with you.If you leave now, you can save your heads.Otherwise, you'll pay a heavy price.Come on!They gave up.There they leave.You're the only one resisting, huh?Those who ۔۔۔

Let's heal your wounds in Alexandria first.Then, we can go.That's all we want.Take me to Midilli.I don't care about my wounds.If I die on the road, you can bury me near my family.At least my corpse can be near them.What is going on here, Diego?The blacksmith's apprentice, who blew up the church's bell.The son of Eyup the secretkeeper is here.God loves you, Umberto.Everyone you look for is here.They all gathered here to let you finish them at the same time.There is someone else.Someone I can't see his face.Are blood and gunpowder enough to destroy all the secrets, Diego?They are not, Umberto.They are only enough to bury them. If you dig the earth, they come to light again.That's exactly what I wish.Now it is the time to bury them......with all of their secrets.When the secrets are revealed, they will either belong to us......or we will bury them again.No.No.Oh, no.You go inside.No, it can't be.No, is such a thing possible?Zeynep, you go inside.I'll check if that is a dog or cat.Or, is it a pair of eyes looking at here.Come on, dear. You go inside.Come on.Close it, dear. Close it.Neither a dog, nor a cat.There is someone that watches the lodge.May Allah help us.My aga.Take this over your shoulders.The wind of the sea is strong, you may get chilly.

Barbaroslar EPISODE 03 with Urdu Subtitles

This is Episode 03 of Barbaroslar: Akdeniz'in Kılıcı means Sword of the Meditarranean with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. Ilyas.If we row hard, we can reach Alexandria in a short time.The wounds of Ishak Aga needs to be tended by a doctor.I'll go to Midilli!My aga, Midilli is far. Alexandria is closer.Your health is not good.Let's heal your wounds first in Alexandria.

Don't be that willing, master.Eh! That's enoughOnly Suleyman will surviveGo inside.Attack!All of you know this weFrom know on, this ship and the captive you rescued is belong to me.Reis.The attitude ofHorozcu and Musa.....irritates me so much.Give me your permission, Reis.The starts are on our side, Baba Oruc.It's time for war.Baba Oruc, order me......and my bullets will tear all of them down.You had enough fun!Take your ship and sail away.Let us put our feet on solid ground......and then, I will show you who Baba Oruc is!Both solid ground......or sea are okay for me.But don't forget that I'll be waiting for you.Then, we will understand if your useless boasting is working.We don't use any word in vain, the son of Kilicoglu, Sahin Bey.We are not known with our father's name as you are.I gained the name Baba Oruc by myself!Hizir!Suleyman Master!Hizir!Hizir!Master!Master!Master!Master! Don't do it!Zeynep!Zeynep is here, master. She is a good doctor. She can heal you.Niko!Go the castle of Midilli. Make sure the janisaries are on the move.Let them catch those bandits before they get away! Go!Okay, aga!Zeynep.Hold on, master. Hold on.

Barbaroslar EPISODE 04 with Urdu Subtitles

This is Episode 04 of Barbaroslar: Akdeniz'in Kılıcı means Sword of the Meditarranean with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. Lesbos. Seeing all your beloved ones made me so happy.Blacksmith.We can also handle our unfinished business here.I don't have any unfinished business with you.You stumbled upon me and got what you deserved.It means you will get what you deserve again. That's it.But I've come here ...

How are you going to fight against them alone?Allah let many minorities win over many majorities.Especially, when I find the compass for this duty......the destination will arrive the target with the permission of Allah.Clean the deck right away! Come on!You did the right thing, sir.The right thing to do was destroying them whatever happens.I need to do it.Keep going until finding a safe cove.Find a boat for me when you fix the ship there.Five or six people will come with me.We will take another direction.I don't get it, sir. Where are you going?Alexandria.Eat some.I guess you haven't eaten anything for a long time.I don't anything that I don't hunt.Look, it is not poisonous.You can eat it with peace.We prepared this feast in your honor. Didn't you like it?Noble people showing off in fancy clothes.I don't like them at all.Good.That's how I also guessed.Silence made me feel better.But I believe you will really like the sound you will hear now.Drop that knife. Drop that knife. You don't need it.Come with me.Look at them.Look at them.They are......the people you have just considered as snob noblemen.And with a snap of my fingers, they turned into a blood thirsty army.And that's my miracle.Who are they?Are they the soldiers of the Pope?No they are the ruthless murderers of the Black Pirate.The army that's going to turn these seas into hell for those arrogant Turks!I haven't heard of him before.Who is this Black Pirate?Black Pirate is...Poseidon is dead, and now reborn as Black Pirate.You have a new name, and a new army now.And I'm giving you both of these.All I want from you is......for you to take your revenge from Turks.Who gave you the order to destroy my ship?

Barbaroslar EPISODE 05 with Urdu Subtitles

This is Episode 05 of Barbaroslar: Akdeniz'in Kılıcı means Sword of the Meditarranean with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. They made the fuse long to run away, Ilyas!Aga Reis, you see the Cafer's lions?Kill them! What are you waiting for, you idiots!I have no intention to let you go for now, Cafer.I'll kill you!You are all going to the warehouse!I won't be ...

No one. I held a grudge against you. I did it out of my own hatred.You are not that brave.....but whatever.We will learn who holds your leash.I want to ask you something else.Unita.Couldn't you learn what is the organization you have been working for?I know what they are.I want to learn the parts I don't know, Cater.You are as close with Slyvio as you are with Kilicoglu.Tell me.What is the truth behind Unita?I don't know more than you already know.I'm beating you not because you......sneaked into my ship, but because you are lying.Now tell me.What do you know about Unita?I don't know its leaders......all I know is that they are more dangerous and stronger than people think.They are strong enough to turn these seas into a grave for everyone.Even you, Oruc Bey.Even you.I haven't shaken these seas yet!When my storm breaks out.....the whole world will see that for whom......these seas will be a grave.My brother.While trying to save you from captivity, I myself got caught.Here, I brought you some food.There is no need, I'm not hungry.You can take it back.You don't understand, Isabelle.You are playing with fire, but you are not aware.I have found the letters you hid from me for years, father.-You don't know what you are talking about.-I'll save my brother.Even if your mighty Unita, your trade union stands before me......even if they set the Mediterranean sea on fire, I'm going to save my brother from them.Wait, father.You will regret it.When you remember that will understand that was the moment all catastrophes begun.We are going to Zeynep s house first, right Hizir?Of course, I will be honored.Well, we need to visit Oruc Aga as well.But let's go to the orphanage first, then we can go visit Oruc Aga all together afterwards.Right?Okay, inshallah we will.Let's place Hamza to his home first......and he can have a good rest, then we can go.

Barbaroslar EPISODE 06 with Urdu Subtitles

This is Episode 06 of Barbaroslar: Akdeniz'in Kılıcı means Sword of the Meditarranean with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. They made the fuse long to run away, Ilyas!Aga Reis, you see the Cafer's lions?Kill them! What are you waiting for, you idiots!

We learned how to use swords from our ancestors...But we learned how to silence the waves and cross the sea from our Agha.MashaAllah..Now our dark swords will speak, levents!Let's go!Ya Allah!Asiye Hatun..Asiye Hatun open the door.It's Ishak..He came here to kill me.Sit down. Wait. How would he know that you were here?Wait here.Don't make a noise.Don't even breathe.It's important Asiye Hatun. Open the door.What happened, my Bey?-Despina...-Did something happen?-Despina fainted.You have to hurry.Alright.Let's go. -I'll help you if you have to carry something.No... I'll handle it.I feel pity for vultures...They will have to eat these bodies...If you want to bury them, go ahead. I'm tired of killing them.My lion..Hey mashaAllah..Ilyas!My brother... -Are you alright, brother?Yes, I am, brother.I started healing after I saw you killing those men one by one.Levents! Let's go to Alexandria.Thousands of problems are waiting for us there.And we will also take our revenge from those who did this to us.Let's take my Ilyas to the showed great bravery, Sahin.I didn't expect you to help me in a hard day.Right, Hizir?Yes, brother. You are right.You lost, Sahin Bey.Your sword has fallen.Now are you going to follow the morals and land......or do you want my sword to say the final word?If you want to support us, please watch our episodes on I did what I needed to do.

Barbaroslar EPISODE 07 with Urdu Subtitles

This is Episode 07 of Barbaroslar: Akdeniz'in Kılıcı means Sword of the Meditarranean with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5.This man must'be important.You don't even fight manly when you set a trap.May they don't call me Baba Oruc if I die before killing you.

We'll give him to his true owner.If Sahin Bey gives the right answer for the question, ...we won't be enemies from now on.EyvAllah.Sahin Bey.I'm not asking if you're involved in this matter Cafer set up.I have only one question.If you have regretted what you did, this will stay between us.I'm not afraid of anything, Oruc.And it's not there will be sweet things between us now.Though we're not enemies, we are rivals.What do you mean Oruc survived?How?Just as our men were about to kill him, ...someone came for help in the lasFminute.Oruc is heading to Alexandria now.I created you.While you were you nothing, I gave you power to take revenge.And I wanted only one thing from you. Killing Oruc.And you failed to do that.Streets are full of people like you, Antuan.There won't be the same mistake again.You know what is the best thing you can do for me right now?Getting out of my sight. Get out!Come, brother.Is your heart still cold to me?Gather everyone and take them home.So we can talk in peace there.Brother, I don't want to break your peace. But can we talk about a matter of mine some time?-EyvAllah. We can.-Brother Hizir.Is there a trouble? Just give us the good news.Let those crazy men smarten up, my Allah!See?

Barbaroslar EPISODE 08 with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5

This is Episode 08 of Barbaroslar: Akdeniz'in Kılıcı means Sword of the Meditarranean with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. They made the fuse long to run away, Ilyas!Aga Reis, you see the Cafer's lions?